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On a daily basis itsKOTIC.com receives hundreds of submissions from talented artists wanting to be featured on itsKOTIC.com. Due to the hectic schedule we employ at I Am A Brand Media Group LLC, keeping task of every single email we receive is a difficult task in itself. That being said, keep on submitting. We love listening to new music. Here we have set up an exclusive email address specifically for submissions. Please email us directly at SubmitAtITSKOTIC[@]gmail[dot]com. Be sure to remove the brackets. Be sure to follow the rules located below for consideration, if you don't follow the rules you will not be featured, no exceptions.

1. Email Subject: Submission - Artist Name - Song title
2. Email Body: Include twitter name, include brief description of the submission you would like include in the blog post, link to artwork/stream/download link etc.
3. Absolutely NO ATTACHMENTS. In the event that the email comes back, simply resubmit at a later time, our inbox is full.
4. Follow @itsKOTIC via twitter.

That's it, we periodically update itsKOTIC.com throughout the day so the best way to find out if you made it on the site is to visit daily or by following @itsKOTIC on twitter where links are automatically posted. We appreciate the love!

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