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Collaborating with artist world-wide throughout the years, itsKOTIC has established himself on the music scene from day one. Brooklyn born, & Miami raised, itsKOTIC began rapping in 1998. Born to Panamanian parents, itsKOTIC began producing records in 2004. He has produced exclusively for artist such as Money Mark Diggla, St. Laz, KiƱo, Papi Shank of L.E.S.G.O. ent., & Cheryl Martinez amongst others. itsKOTIC's music is a perfect blend of southern rap, east coast hip hop fused with an electronic sound loved by communities all over the world.

Formerly known as K-OTIC, itsKOTIC is the epitome of a Grind & Hustler. He strives for success in everything that he does. A true entrepeneur who'se musical talent is only a piece of the puzzle that creates him. Add the support he has from his fans and supporters to his unsatisfiable hunger, and to his vision, there's no wonder why itsKOTIC is a brand.
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