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Known to many as the ultimate Grind & Hustler, itsKOTIC is the epitome of what striving for success means! Many consider the entrepreneur talented in every sense of the word. itsKOTIC has played a vital role in the production of many projects. He has produced hit records for artist such as Money Mark Diggla, St Laz, Kiño, Papi Shank, Cheryl Martinez, Miles AMill, Tye Nitty, and more.

Whatever the King of the Jungle has achieved, believe that he’s earned it. The oldest of 2, itsKOTIC was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY to Panamanian parents. “There is no doubt that the music played in Panama has a direct influence in the type of production I make. The inclusion of Latin & Caribbean percussion not only comes from my parents playing reggae and tipico on a weekly basis, but also during my summer days as a child and as a teenager during my visits to Panama.” It wasn’t until itsKOTIC reached the age of 5 that he moved to Miami, Fl. While raised in Miami, this is where he fell in love with music. “Besides my Panamanian heritage, I would say the diversity of Miami by far has the biggest influence in the music I produce. I was raised in the southern area Miami Dade county. I’ve been everywhere in my city. My sound and music is greatky influenced by everything here, from the beautiful women found in Kendall to areas such as the Chocolate City Projects out in Goulds. Two different worlds, only a few minutes away from each other. This is why I can produce a Pop record like L.E.S.G.O. Entertainment's We Grind’N. This is also the same reason why I can take it to the streets with a record like Money Mark Diggla's GUOOMD or Brooklyn rapper St. Laz's Jeans Got A Knot. The Miami life style is what contributes to my versatility as a producer!”

itsKOTIC’s musical buzz began as an up & coming recording artist with his prior group, DSI Entertainment. After a series of mixtape releases, it wasn’t until the label dropped the Miami street anthem “Buck” which can be found on the legendary Start Em Up mixtape. However, it wasn’t until 2005 with the hit single Throw It Up that itsKOTIC’s name as a producer began to surface throughout the underground music scene. “I have been making beats since as early as 2003. It wasn’t until working on Throw It Up where I was taking on the role of an actual producer. Coming up with the right drum patterns, the right sounds for the right melody, the perfect song structure, & the classic Throw It Up chorus where I sampled my own voice & fused Texas’ chopped & screwed sound with Florida’s high pitched vocal style found in Miami Bass as the main reason why I consider Throw It Up my first official production. This is the main reason why it was my first song placement on the radio…”

The same year itsKOTIC began his studies at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, Fl. During his time at Full Sail Real World Education, itsKOTIC was able to gain a further understanding in the creative process of music as a producer & song writer, the technical process of music as a recording and mixing engineer, & the business aspect of music as an entrepreneur. itsKOTIC graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Recording Arts in 2006. “My short stay in Orlando expanded my sound tremendously. I was able to interact with different artist and producers from various cities and all walks of life as well as musicians of all ages who played all types of instruments in all of the various genres that exist today. I credit this period of my life as a period where I finally realize that truly the sky is the limit.”

Fast forward several years later to 2009, itsKOTIC and his former colleagues over at DSI Entertainment decided to part ways for various reasons. It was at this point in time when itsKOTIC decided to launch his official music production company, I Am A Brand Media Group LLC. “I Am A Brand Media Group LLC is what I live for. It is literally a dream come true. IAABMG represents the uniqueness I bring to the table. It represents the passion and the motivation I have when I work with the talented artist & musicians of today. When you work with I Am A Brand Media Group LLC, your not just getting quality production, but your also receiving online marketing from somebody who has been in the artist shoes. I too am an independent artist under my own indie label so I do understand your budget concerns, your marketing concerns, as well as your creative concerns. I understand what sounds good & where it sounds good. I understand why certain artist need help in pushing records. I Am A Brand Media Group LLC understands!”

Since the founding of his company, itsKOTIC has been credited with the involvement in various projects. Some of the projects he's been involved with ranges from a documentary trailer in The Real Miami Uncut, Layce & Chingo Bling’s 305 - 713 mixtape, L.E.S.G.O. Entertainment’s Da Bomb’s We Grind’N, Tye Nitty DJ 101 & Paper Straight, GUOOMD by legendary recording artist Money Mark Diggla, UMA winner St Laz's Jeans Got A Know, and many more. itsKOTIC's music and production has also crossed international boundries with collaborations with Miami artist Dashius Clay for Alcoholic, production for Medellin, Colombia based artist Kiño with Manejando La Destreza, plus several more. “That’s what hard work and determination has gotten me thus far. It has gotten me a lot further than I've ever been in this music industry. I continue to learn and grow so Im never satisfied with where I'm currently at. I truly believe that in order to take a few steps forward, there are times I must take a step back. Its safe to say that I‘m heading in the right direction.”

As the months and years go by itsKOTIC continues to mark milestone in his career. Focused on his I Am A Brand Media Group LLC imprint, itsKOTIC has been able to secure digital distribution for his music and now designs and distributes his own merchandise and apparel. In addition to self distribution, I Am A Brand Media Group LLC now has an own official Recording and Music Production studio where itsKOTIC and his team work out of. "This is a dream that is coming through right before my very eyes. I hope I never wake up. Seriously, to go from making music in my parents garage to operating and running my own studio is a blessing from the Lord himself. Creatively I've never been more inspired and now I'm able to release my music to the world and collaborate with artist and producers everywhere with out no issues."

In addition to music production and online promotion services, and through his I Am A Brand Media Group LLC imprint, itsKOTIC is able to provide Recording, Mixing and Mastering services, Graphics Design services for every graphics needs, Blogsites and Websites coding and creations, Blog Management, and singer and song writer services. In the near future, itsKOTIC plans to expand the services offered to include photography services, video services and duplication and printing services.

With an epitome of loyal fans, loyal supporters, a never ending hunger and a vision light years ahead of the competition, there’s no wonder as to why many consider itsKOTIC, Mr. Grind & Hustle. “I am a brand, not just a beat maker, itsKOTIC is a brand, something more than a producer.”
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