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Video: Yung Dominus - Western Civilization

Dominus Western Civilization Industry Extortion 101 music video New Yorkc City image

Yung Dominus has recently released the street banger titled Western Civilization which will be found exclusively on his next project titled Industry Extortion 101. Directed by Mo Stafford, Western Civilization reminds the public that Yung Dominus is a west coast emcee who can demolish any track lyrically. With Trill Status on the track, Western Civilization captures the vibe. When Yung Dominus was asked, why did he decide to shoot the video in New York City? his response was "I got love in the South, and New York, amongst other places but I needed people to stop asking me am I from Georgia or New York? I'm from Los Angeles. I shot it in New York City as a way to pay homage to the birthplace of Hip Hop. Since it is my first video it was only right. Throughout my lyrics I'm rapping about a Los Angeles hustler with a New York state of mind." With that being said, enjoy the video below.

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