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News: K-OTIC's Music Now Available On Wimp, & Sony Unlimited

K-OTIC Music WIMP Sony Unlimited promotional flyer image

I Am A Brand Media Group LLC is proud to announce that our music distribution has expanded. Our entire catalog, including @itsKOTIC music will now be available on Wimp & on Sony Unlimited. Wimp is a high quality streaming service that serves the European markets of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany & Poland. Late last year we announced our expansion to XBOX Music & now that Sony Unlimited has been included in our distribution network, we will be available to all of our fans who stream music through their Sony devices, including Sony Playstation 4, Sony PSP, and more. More info after the jump.

With the announcement of our expanded distribution, we are also proud to announce a new project to be released within the next few months. More details to come.

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