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Remix: Meek Mill - Heaven Or Hell ft Jadakiss, K-OTIC, Gourdon Banks & DJ Drama


"Life's a good teacher, you don't need J's or Adidas, to walk you own shoes, you just need to pick your feet up!" are some of the bars @itsKOTIC lends as he remixes @MeekMill Heaven Or Hell single off Dream Chasers 3. K-OTIC speaks knowledge and advice to the young men growing up in the everyday streets of America. Download Link & Lyrics After The Jump.

Download Link:
Meek Mill - Heaven Or Hell REMIX ft Jadakiss, K-OTIC, Gourdon Banks & DJ Drama

Lyrics by K-OTIC:

Some niggas shoot for college - I hope your aiming to
Cause if you choose the streets - there's a different set of rules
The boys you down to ride for - claiming they'll keep it true
Get jammed up by the law - quick to snitch and tell on you
The streets no loyalty - and momma know so she praying
Hoping you make it home - optimistacaly maintaining
That you gone switch it up - and make it out the curb
Earn your self an education - move your mom out to the burbs
Get yourself a good woman - be the father you never had
Keep a roof over their heads - the definition of a man
Gotta watch out for the wolves - while watching for the birds
Woman turn to gold diggers - do whatever for your dollars
Turn you paper into Prada - shoes on their ankles
Got you fighting w/ your girl - cause ain't no food and no pampers
So focus on the life - you don't wanna sit in jail
I hope you keep it real - and choose heaven over hell
I hope you keep it trill - I had a convo in my sleep
With my little nigga David - who told me practice what i preach
Told me he gone spread the word - lay a path for us in heaven
I just gotta do my part - so forever I'm gone rep him
I don't swear to no the answer - but I know where to look
Its like I can Google any question - in the good book
Because life's a great teacher - you don't need J's or Adidas
To walk your own shoes - you just need to pick your feet up...

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