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Press: Kiño Featured in MTV Latin Cypher 20 Spanish-Language MCs Everyone Should Hear

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@IsabelaRaygoza writes a great article for @MTV which features great up and coming artist such as Calle 13, Los Rakas and @KinoKMusic on her top 20 list of latin rappers.

"Sure, it’s pretty cool when one can gain some sort of subaltern knowledge and get empowered via conscious rap like the majority of the rappers on this list. But sometimes it’s even cooler when there’s music one can kick back to and smoke a spliff. Kiño comes all the way from Medellin, Colombia, and he brings to light funny moments in pop culture in a playful yet edgy manner. This one’s about a previous fad with Colombian supermodels who pretended to speak English during interviews but failed hard, from his mixtape, Método de Relajación:" - Isabela Raygoza, Latin Cypher: 20 Spanish-Language MCs Everyone Should Hear

As many of our supporters know @itsKOTIC has produced a few hits which feature Kiño such as Manejando La Destreza, Gusfraba & Confesiones. In addition to that K-OTIC next single titled I Got It features Kiño and @DonPini. With that being said check out the full article by clicking on read full post below.

To read entire article click below.
Latin Cypher: 20 Spanish-Language MCs Everyone Should Hear

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