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NEWS: itsKOTIC Radio Powered by Spotify

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Recently we have added itsKOTIC Radio here on www.itskotic.com. itsKOTIC Radio is a playlist stream powered by Spotify and exclusive to any Spotify users.
itsKOTIC Radio will feature any and every content that is distributed by I Am A Brand Media Group LLC. Listeners will be able to stream the music directly from www.itskotic.com free of charge and launch directly via spotify. itsKOTIC Radio can be accessed in various locations on www.itskotic.com. It can be accessed via the home page in the middle of the website directly above the downloads location. It can also be accessed towards the most bottom left side of the home page.
In addition, spotify play buttons are being embedded as alternate streaming options for various songs and blog post so fans can choose an alternate listening version as oppose to just the reverbnation or soundcloud stream options. We are currently building itsKOTIC Radio and songs are being added on a constant basis.

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