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PRESS: Miles AMill - Love, Light, Shine Press Statement

Miles AMill Love, Light, Shine, K-OTIC promo cd cover picture Through all the trials, up and downs, twist and turns, it's evident that God will never put more on you then you can bare. My first solo single and cd entitled Love, Light, Shine has come with much expectation. This cd speaks from my heart, from experiences and heartfelt emotion. I am so glad that when everyone else gave up on me, God didn't. It reminds me of the song by Marvin Sapp "He saw the best in me, when everyone else around could only see the worst in me" and with that being said, the Love, Light, Shine movement has begun.

I would like to thank everyone who saw my vision, who was their when the tears was flowing, who encouraged me with encouraging words, who showed me love when no one else would. I thank my Dad for loving me like only a father could and my brrothers who have surpassed the definition of what a brother is. I want to thank my extended God family, the Roberts who all took me in and loved on me so hard from grandma to uncles, cousins, and nephews. God surely knows how to bring back in your life what you felt you once lost. The love I have for yall is unconditional. And I especially think the vision manifestors in my life K-OTIC for believing in me and working with me to bring this project to life. We are about to take on the world my brother, thank you for the chance. My manager Cassandra Smith their is none like you, my P.A. Anthony Whaley you are a shadow of me you know me like a book, the time is finally here brother, lets go change some lives. To my Pan American family the sky is the limit not the goal, and to so, so many people, to many to mention who have taken part on this project I LOVE YOU!!!!

*Let your haters be your motivators to push you into excellence*

Miles AMill

@MilesAMill has announced that March 20th will be the release date for Love, Light, Shine prod by @itSKOTIC.

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