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10, 9, 8...:Top 10 Rap Beats of 2011

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2011 was filled with memorable singles such as DJ Khaled's - I'm On One & Chris Brown's - Look At Me Now to certified street banger's like Gunplay's - Rollin to Wiz Khalifa's Rooftops. Although it's nearly impossibly to include all of the dope beats that were released this year, I guarantee that my top 10 wont disappointing.

10. Fabolous - Fabolous - Yall Dont Hear Me Tho ft Red Cafe [PROD BY CARDIAK]

This beat is straight Brooklyn. Cardiak kept it real gritty with the drums and that sped up orchestra sample goes insane.

9. Rick Ross - 9 Piece ft T.I. [PROD BY LEX LUGER]

Lex Luger has been dominating the production scene since 2010 when he collaborated with Waka Flocka on Hard On The Paint. 9 Piece has to be 1 of his hardest beats in 2011. I love the addition of actual gun clips loading and shooting in rhythm with the drum pattern.

8. Big O - Be Friends ft Johnny Black, K-OTIC & Kodeem [PROD BY K-OTIC]

Although this track was produced by me, the respond that we received for this track was immense, especially on the international market. This commercial type track is the perfect fusion between Hip Hop, Electro Pop and features Caribbean bongos which add that international feel to it.

7. Mavado - Emergency ft Ace Hood [PROD BY BOI-1DA]

Boi-1da never fails to disappointing. Just like previous Boi-1da productions, this beat is epic. The sampled voice in the background is what takes this beat from good to great!!!

6. Ace Hood - Hustle Hard[PROD By LEX LUGER]

This has to be the hustler's anthem for 2011. This beat goes so hard that it is undoubtedly my favorite Lex Luger beat of 2011. In all honesty I even have this instrumental + hook looped as my cell phones alarm when its time to wake up everyday.

5. T.I. - I'm Flexin [PROD BY BIG K.R.I.T.]

This song was just released no more than a few weeks ago and this is already on top of my list. Big K.R.I.T. is a beast with this beat. The guitar cry is what takes this track to another level. Perfect blend of southern hip hop and rock n roll.

4. Jay Z & Kanye West - Why I Love You [PROD BY MIKE DEAN & KANYE WEST]

This is off the recently released Watch The Throne album which I feel is an instant classic. A perfect blend of Hip Hop & Dub-Step, this beat is very creative and has so many switches and break downs, this is a song writers dream.

3. Maybach Music Group - Play Your Part [PROD BY THE INKREDIBLES]

When it comes to commercial soundign records, this is my favorite beat of the year. Real grown real sexy, The Inkredibles did there thing, those bright keys and that chord structure is rediculous!

2. Pusha T - Im Feeling Myself ft Kevin Cossom [PROD BY THA BIZNESS]

Originally, this beat did not sit well to me but as i listened on it grew on me. What makes this beat great is how the track builds up as it goes throughout the verses until the chorus drops. Great lead sounds and keys to layer the horns.

1. Jay Z & Kanye West - Who Gone Stop Me [PROD BY FLUX PAVILION]

And the hardest beat of 2k11 is Jay Z & Kanye West "Who Gon Stop Me" off of Watch The Throne. The knock on this beat is ridiculous, and there is so many switch ups in this beat that one has to be insane if you are not feeling this track.

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