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PRESS: Pure Cash Magazine Features K-OTIC

"I see music still evolving. Music can never die because it is the only voice people have when they have no voice. Music has always been and will always be"

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"The World…. I’m Ready for whatever it wants to bring!"

Production Cataloge(Just Beats): www.itskoticbeats.com & www.myflashstore.com/itskotic
How did you get that name?: K-OTIC came from when I 1st started out as a rapper. Back then I use to freestyle & cypher a lot. One day I was flowing & we was all freestyling & somebody said that my flow was chaotic… Thats when I ran with that name.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?: I have 3 big accomplishments:

1st Accomplishment: was the 1st song I ‘officially’ produced titled ‘Throw It Up’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lrUmBl3RVM) That song got so much love from the indie market through a lot of fans, djs, fellow local artist throughout Florida and it even got radio play in Miami.

2nd Accomplishment: was the success in producing ‘We Grind’N’ for L.E.S.G.O. Entertainment’s Da Bomb(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rUJ_IkboDc). This Song was not only played on the radio in several markets: NY/NJ, Miami, Tampa & Dallas, but was also played in the club throughout the country. The biggest accomplishment in regards to this record was the fact that the video even aired on Telemundo!

3rd Accomplishment: A big interview for me with Miami’s big website www.305hiphop.com (http://305hiphop.com/miami-music-news/k-otic-rapper-producer-miami-gets-ready-release-i-use-want-her) This website has always showed me love whenever I put out music but I never had my own interview on there before. A lot of people enjoyed that interview.

What has been your most difficult challenge?: Management!!! If I had the right management in which somebody who could assist me in getting my production out there I would be able to focus a lot more on the creativity in my production.

What makes you different?: My humbleness and my understanding. I started out rapping since 98. I understand what artist look for in a producer and thats how I understand how to tailor specific tracks for specific songs & artist. In regards to being humble, Im not afraid to show love when somebody shows love, Im always willing to learn & put in work for the success of any project I’m on or affiliated with.

What projects are you working on?: Working on a project w/ Yawdstyle Ent’s Big O, working with a talented lyricist in Johnny Black. Also producing for Atlanta’s 20 Mile Entertainmen’t artist Twinty Mile & Layced Out Entertainment’s Layce along with L.E.S.G.O. Entertainment’s PapiShank

Where are you from originally?: My parents are Panamanian. I was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY but raised in Miami, Fl since I was 5.

How Long have you been making music?: I’ve been making beats since 2003 but officially started producing since 2005.

What artists inspire you?: Music & Life! Thats it! Nothing ever sounds good when its rushed or fabricated. I feel like if you’ve been through it, then you can express it and it will be felt, not just heard. I just don’t go in the studio and make a beat. Something during the day influences what type of beat I made.

How would you define your style of music?: A blend of Dirty South, Electro Pop & Caribbean. You’ll notice a lot of my beats have Congas & Bongos & shakers maracas in them, im really into Percussion & this is from my Panamanian decent. You’ll also notice that I use a lot of electronic synths & sounds w/ Southern drum patterns and basslines…

What teams are you affiliated with?: I Am A Brand Media Group(my team)
Yawdstyle Entertainment LLC
20 Mile Entertainment LLC

Who are some artists that you have worked with?: PapiShank (NY)
Cheryl ‘Miss Sex Appeal’ (NY)
Tye Nitty (Detroit)
Layce (Miami)
20 Mile (Atlanta)
Singa Boi (Atlanta)
Big O (Miami)
Johnny Black (Miami)
.dot Gatsby (Atlanta)
B.Z. (Miami)

Who would you like to collab with?: Anybody willing to make good music and grind the music out. You may have all the talent in the world but what good is it if nobody knows of it?

Where do you see the future of music?: I see music still evolving. Music can never die because it is the only voice people have when they have no voice. Music has always been and will always be.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?: In 1 year I see myself still progressing towards my goal, still producing records that hit radio for indie artist as well as the majors. I see myself expanding into producing for film & video games as well.
Describe yourself in one word. : “I am a brand, not just a beat maker, K-OTIC is a brand, something more than a producer.”

Any shout outs?: Shouts out to the Lord, Jesus Christ for blessing me with this talent. Shouts out to my family and friends(too many to name) and all of my supporters for believing in my dream and backing me up 100%. Industry wise I got to show love to Big O, Johnny Black, Kodeem. To my ATL fam in 20 Mile Ent. To everybody I’ve worked with the whole L.E.S.G.O. Ent team, Tye Nitty, J. Illie, Miami’s own Layce & to all of the dj’s & bloggers who’ve supported my music. DJ CX, Estaxx of HipHopPostal.com, DJ Top10, 305HipHop.com & UB of MaybachMusic Latino. If I didnt mention your name i still got love for you to. Rest In Paradise to my brother David Montoya…. Gone But Never Forgotten

Email: itskotic@gmail.com
www.itskotic.com & www.itskoticbeats.com
www.twitter.com/itskotic www.facebook.com/itskotic http://www.facebook.com/rolandokoticblakejr & www.myspace.com/itskotic

Management Contact Info: Rolando ‘K-OTIC’ Blake Jr. Email: itskotic@gmail.com Phone #: 786.539.7809

Where can we hear your stuff?: Full Songs I’ve produced: www.itskotic.com & www.reverbnation.com/itskotic

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